Tomy Toomies Do-Re-Mi Dolphins

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Sort all of us into our matching, colourful rings. Link us together in a floating ring or line. Each of us cheeky dolphins plays a different note when you tap us. Each bath time dolphin plays a different musical note from an octave when you tap them on their heads. Make up your own songs, colour match into their floating rings, play with them in a circle, in a line, or separately. These dolphins make a very fun and interactive addition to bathtime which young ones are sure to enjoy. Little ones will love splashing in the bath with the magical musical Do Re Mi Dolphins. Tapping on each floating dolphin’s head plays a different musical note – without the need for batteries! Toddlers can make their own tunes or pop the eight dolphins in their colourful matching rings – they’re detachable which means they can be lined up or made into a spinning circle.

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