Maped Black’Peps HB Graphite Pencils w/ Eraser Tip

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Maped Black’Peps Energy HB 72 Graphite Pencils with Eraser Tip – Inspirational Message Pencils COLOR AND ENERGY: No more faded and sad pencils, energize your pencil case with Black’Peps Energy. Their bright and energetic colors bring a good mood. With the Black’Peps Energy, positivity is at stake INSPIRANT MESSAGES: 6 inspiring messages, combined with colors. Red for passion and boldness. Purple for dream and hope. Blue for serenity and peace. Green for courage and luck. Grey for freedom. Yellow for success and ambition. Eraser Tip: They have an eraser tip, very convenient. At hand, erase and correct in seconds. RESISTANT MINE: All Maped Black’Peps pencils have a strong lead. Small originality, the Black’Peps Energy mine is black, which is very elegant. The hardness of the mine is HB2. In addition, they are easy to carve. ERGONOMY: The triangular shape allows for easy and comfortable grip. This triangular shape also prevents them from rolling on the table

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