Headu Baby Memo Age: 2-5

  • 48 large coloured tiles
  • Playing with these colourful cards can help build a child’s visual memory from an early age while they’re simply having fun with friends.
  • Recommended age: 2 – 5yrs

14.99 INC VAT


Mix up the cards then spread them out on a table so each one can be seen. Point to a card and say the name of the object pictured out loud. Encourage the child to do the same for the other pictures, without rushing and only helping if they’re unsure. You can jog their memories with simple questions like, “What’s this animal called?” or “Where’s the ball?” SKILLS Visual memory; Recognizing shapes and colours; Attention and concentration; Observation skills.

Mix up the cards then lay them out on a table so each one can be seen clearly. Give the children 30 seconds to observe the pictures before turning them all over face-down. The youngest player starts by turning over two cards. If they make a pair, they can keep the cards and have another shot; if they’re not, they replace the cards and the next player to the left has a turn. The player with the most pairs when all cards have been picked up wins.

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