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For 2-4 Players Age 6+, Playing Time is approx. 30 minutes. The Original Frustration – Be the first player to get all your men Home with the help of the ‘genie-ous’ genie! Playing The Game All choose a colour. The youngest player starts and play continues clockwise. On Your Turn Slam your paddle to shake the dice. If you roll a 6, move one of your men onto the Start space. Note: Whenever you get a 6, slam again! If you don’t roll a 6, try again on your next turn! (See below for how to use the genie die) If you have men on the track and you get a 6, you can either put a new man on your Start space or move a man that’s already out. If you get a 6 and your Start space is occupied, you can’t bring another man out. If you land on a space occupied by another player’s man, send him back to his waiting bay – the space is yours! (This includes Start spaces). If the player is protected by the genie, sorry – you can’t move this time. If your only possible move is to land on one of your own men, stay where you are. When a man has moved all way around the track, get him Home. You can fill the Home spaces in any order, but each man must arrive by exact count. Note: You can use your turn to move a man within the Home spaces. The first player to get all their men Home is the winner! CONTENTS Frustration unit with Slam-o-matic, 4 paddles, a genie and 16 men in 4 colours. THE CHASE IS ON! TRY AND GET YOUR GUYS HOME AND DRY WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT… JUST SLAM THE PADDLE TO SHAKE THE DICE! THE GENIE Check the genie die on every slam! If you slam this, the genie is yours, whether he’s on the Slam-o-matic or with another player. Take the genie even if you have no men on the track. Put him in your waiting bay’s gold space. While you have the genie, your men are protected. Other players CANNOT send them back or take their places on the track! If you have the genie and you slam this, return him to the Slam-o-matic. Your men are no longer protected.

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