Creatives 0425 School Readiness Kit – Alphabet

19.60 INC VAT

“School Readiness Kit- Alphabet “ is a specially designed Kit which is full of interactive materials to learn, practice, reinforce and test the knowledge of Alphabet and make the learning Fun and Educative. First the child will recognize and read the letters of Alphabet both upper and lowercase and associate their corresponding visuals with the help of Board Book, then practice and sequence in different ways with Alphabet Match-Ups, reinforce with Alphabet Chart and Activity Book, Trace, write and colour in another Activity Book and test the knowledge with the help of given “Alphabet Race” board game. The comprehensive “Parents Guide” designed by experienced Early Learning Experts, is full of step- by- step guideline to make the learning effective and enjoyable. The kit Contains : Board Book, 26 sets of Match Ups, Alphabet Wall Chart, 2 Activity Books, and a Board Game. Visual Discrimination Eye-hand Coordination Alphabet- Letter & Sound Recognition. Letter Shape Recognition Matching Skills Reading Skills Language Skills Problem Solving

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