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Bloopies Shellies Mermaid Doll With 5 Treats

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From the animated series of bloopies come the shellies; little mermaids that live in shells; the shells open when immersed in water and reveal the hidden character; collect all shellies, there are 12 and 2 rare ones; each shellies has a treasure map, a pearl, a pearl belt and sprays water from the mouth; the shells contain a chain to be worn as handbags; follow their adventures on the kitoons youtube channel. attention: the characters contained in the shell are various; we are unable to offer a particular model / colour; by confirming the purchase, you will receive one of the models at random. The Shellies, the friends of the bath, the shell appears to be on its own if immersed in water. Great for playing in the bath! As seen on TV and on Kitoons. From the animated series Bloopies, assorted models. NB: The insertion refers to the single product.

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